Our Story

As a busy, working mom with four children, I've learned to master the art of efficiency. I know I’m not alone because all busy women have to become multi-taskers in order to manage themselves, their workloads, and their home and family lives. For those reasons, I found it difficult to commit too much time to skin care systems that called for three or more steps. And it was super disappointing when I realized that none of those steps did much to help my skin. Time wasted. After trial and error, I figured why not create my own products. Surely there were other women who, like me, wanted to take great care of their skin but needed it to be over and done in as few steps as possible. That’s what Seventh Avenue Premiere Skincare is all about. Seventh Avenue products were designed specifically for women on the go. Women who crave efficiency and effectiveness. Women who value looking their best with minimal effort and minimal time. Women like you.

       I can’t wait to hear about your experience with Seventh Avenue. Let’s connect on social media so that you can keep me posted.                                                   
-Melody Shari